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Planning a Remodel?

Northridge Estates is a "Covenant Controlled" subdivision, and thus approval for all exterior painting, major landscaping or remodeling projects (including fences, sheds, outbuilding and additions) needs to be obtained from the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before starting work. This is to ensure compliance with the HOA Covenants By-Laws. Paint color samples and/or plans must be submitted with the Architectural Approval Form to a member of the Board of Directors. Approval from the ACC is in addition to any permits that may be required by the City of Grand Junction.


Please click here  or on the picture below to download and print the form.  Fill it out with your relevant information and then contact a Board Member.  Depending on the complexity of the remodel, more than one board member approval may be required.  You can email the completed form to or mail it to Northridge HOA, PO Box 1657, Grand Junction, CO 81502. (Please note that the PO box is checked infrequently except during the summer months.)

Click on the below image to open the full document.

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