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Northridge Estates is an Established Higher End Neighborhood
in the Coveted North Grand Junction area. 


Our unique location just north of 1st & Patterson gives our families the feel of the country North GJ is known for, while our closeness to town is perfect for access to shopping, dining and entertainment.  All the Grand Valley has to offer is only minutes away by bike, bus or car.  Truly the best of both worlds!

Neighborhood News!

Irrigation Water Problems !

We are having irrigation water issues along Music Lane. Consequently, we are also having water problems down Cloverdale Ct. (both sides) and Northridge Dr. (both sides), as they are dependent on this same line.

We are suspecting a clog in the pipes since the mud has been so bad the past few years. Depending on the access the hydro-jet company has to these specific lines, and when they can actually assess the situation, we are anticipating at least 1-2 weeks with limited or no water.
Please plan accordingly. Everyone should have a low pressure switch to protect your pump. If you don't have one, consider getting one installed. The HOA is only responsible for the lines up to and including the main valve in your yard.
We are going to start asking property owners to limit their watering schedule so that those "up the hill" can get at least some water until this is resolved.

Prowler in seen in Northridge

It was reported by Jay Sarapata that someone was seen lurking in the neighborhood. When the individual was asked if he needed help, he replied that he had lost his cell phone.

Although it could have been completely innocent, it pays to keep your guard up when you see someone who just doesn't seem like they fit in the neighborhood.

Irrigation Update


Your HOA is responsible for the irrigation system up to and including the valve on your property. Everything after the valve is your responsibility to service and maintain. 

If you have a leak at your valve or very low water pressure,

please report it via our Contact Us page.

Please do not water your lawns on Tuesdays as the irrigation system will be flushed during this time. Full pressure is needed for this process to work best, so please do not water at this time.

New Neighborhood Directory

The new Northridge Family Directory has been printed and distributed. Please take the time to check through and make sure all of your information is listed correctly. If changes need to be made, please email Kirsta Jacobs -

Good Neighbors Wanted


Help keep our neighborhood a great place to live.  The board would like to remind everyone of covenant & city code restrictions that we all need to adhere to.


  Trailers & Boats

  Trash Cans

  Home Renovations


  Greenery Maintenance

  Speed Limits & Stop Signs


Detailed information can be found on the Resources page.


Thank you for helping out!

Notice of action

The Northridge HOA Board has been actively identifying covenant violations within our neighborhood. And while most property owners have responded to the letters we sent by taking care of the violations, others have chosen to ignore them.


Since the reason for covenants is to preserve the overall appearance of your neighborhood, and more importantly to preserve property values, the board has voted to retain legal counsel. This will ensure that everyone's rights are protected should action be necessary.

Covenant Violation Process:

  1. Friendly reminder letter

  2. Board member visit (if possible)

  3. Fines will be levied against the property owner

  4. Lien Demand Letter from Attorney

  5. Legal action

Who Do I Call?


For irrigation repairs, covenant violations and general information, please go to our Contact Page and call any Board Member.  You may also email us if your question is not urgent. 




To get approval for any exterior painting or remodeling projects including new or replacement fences, you need to complete the Architectural Approval Form and submit it to the Board for approval prior to work being started.

We have a three member Architectural Control Committee that is independent from the HOA board of directors. They are listed on the Contact Page if you have any questions.

Stay up to date with what's going on in your HOA.


Newsletters and Notices are emailed to all owners for better communication, lower expenses and reduced environmental waste.


Please email to subscribe. (HOA Members & Tenants only please.)

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