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Northridge HOA Covenants

Covenants & City Code Restrictions


The board would like to remind our neighbors of covenants & code restrictions that we frequently receive complaints about:


Trailers and Boat Parking: Residents are prohibited from storing recreational or commercial vehicles and trailers in their driveways or on the street as per city codes as well as Northridge HOA Covenants. If you a own trailer (including those used in commercial trade), boat, RV, or camper it must be stored in a closed garage or behind privacy fence.


Trash Cans: Trash cans must be stored out of view from the street. They may be placed out on the street the night before collection day, but should be returned to the out of view location by the evening of collection day.


Exterior Painting: Major Landscaping and Construction Projects:   As Northridge Estates is a "Covenant Controlled" subdivision, approval for all exterior painting, major landscaping or remodeling projects (including fences, sheds, outbuilding and additions) needs to be obtained from the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before starting work. Paint color samples and/or plans must be submitted with the approval form to the ACC. Approval from the ACC is in addition to any permits that may be required by the City of Grand Junction.


Dogs: All dogs should be on a leash when being walked. Please be courteous to your neighbors by picking up after your pet.


Trees, Bushes & Grass: Please keep all trees and bushes trimmed back from sidewalks. Keeping sidewalks clean and free of debris helps walkers enjoying the neighborhood stay safe. Yards should be kept watered, trimmed and weeds should be kept under control.


Speed Limits and Stop Signs: Please observe the speed limit (25 MPH) and stop at all stop signs. While it is quite easy to pick up speed going down Northridge Drive, please drive cautiously and watch for the children who might be out playing.


The board would like to thank you for doing your part to keep our neighborhood such a special place to live.

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